iStrat Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

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Here's a cool enclosure i designed for a raspberry pi based internet radio.

My full design including instructions and a copy of the original design files can be found here

I also have a couple of vids,this one is a quick demo, and this one is a full instructional walk through. you'll have to tilt your head (you'll see what i mean)

if you download Autodesk Fusion 360, you'll be able to make a copy and modify the original design files on the tutorial link

Design Files

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Back Cover.stl
824 KB
1.64 MB
Buttom 1.stl
156 KB
Button 2.stl
141 KB
Button 3.stl
146 KB
Button 4.stl
162 KB
Button 5.stl
157 KB
Button 6.stl
137 KB
Guitar Body.stl
14.7 MB
Guitar Stand.stl
938 KB
8.97 MB
Neck Support Plate.stl
248 KB
6.15 MB
Scratch Plate.stl
1.02 MB


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