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This design is to help people with limited use of their hands drive. It follows three criteria: Simple to use, easy to print, affordable to own. It is used to grip the steering wheel, and allow the user to turn it. The model is printed primarily from PCTPE for comfort and function, and any rigid parts are made from PLA, due to the simplicity to print.

To print the strap, first print the front piece. Then print the second piece with no support, and with a pause just before the printer bridges the circular opening. At that time, place the front piece's circular boss into the opening with some super glue, being careful not to get any excess that may clog the print head or interfere with printing. This step is optional if you have a larger printer, but I designed this to fit on the smallest printers. I melted the parts of similar plastic together with a 3D pen, and used hot glue for hard to reach joints or contacts of dissimilar material. Hot glue can be used throughout the entire assembly, preferably over super glue except where specified, due to the flexible properties of hot glue.

The end effector is completely PLA, and is assembled by placing the moving arm into the slot of the fixed arm, and pressing the pin through. It should fit snugly and not need further processing. If it is too tight of a fit, and the arm cannot move, either sand down the moving arm, or use an xacto knife to remove obstructions that may be present in the fixed arm.

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Pivot Bottom.stl
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Cuff_Shape Generator_2.stl
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Strap V2 Front.stl
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Strap V2 Back.stl
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Mount Joiner.stl
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Pivot Mount.stl
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Moving Arm.stl
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Arm Mount.stl
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Arm Mount_MIR1.stl
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