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The Assistive Block was designed to be a functional tool for patients with conditions like hand arthritis, swan neck deformities and also the Dupuytren's contracture as mentioned. 

It was designed to increase the grip on small day to day items like keys and cards. Patients with such conditions are often challenged with holding such small items. With the Assistive Block, we managed to increase the gripping size of these objects and reduced the strength required to grip these items. 

The Assistive Block consists of a simple block with ergonomic features all round. Objects such as keys and tweezers are strung to the back of the block by elastic cords. These cords tensions the objects into the slots provided in the front of the block. When not in use, the block acts as a compact keychain.

Currently, the block is designed to suit keys. We have also provided a tweezer designed to be used with the block.  As the Assistive Block flexes, the tweezer slotted in between functions as a gripping tool for cards, coins and dollar notes. 

We believe these simple design would be able to simplify daunting tasks faced by patients with such conditions. 

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