3mm x 50mm x 65mm "Penny" base tray for 15mm wargames

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SummaryGot 15mm miniatures mounted on pennies but need a base for games that require them? Here you go! Print these off and have some fun! Uses are legion, just like that pile of miniatures you have...Print SettingsPrinter Brand: LulzBotPrinter: TAZ 5Rafts: YesSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: .200 mmInfill: 10% to 20%Notes: As basic a tray as you can get for your 15mm figures mounted on US pennies. Holes are 20mm in diameter, and 1.5mm deep. I was just fitting six of them onto a base that was 50mm x 65mm to match the Battlefront Flames of War standard infantry bases for my penny based infantry. Pictured are my 15mm modern (Team Yankee) Russians and some Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Russians on penny bases. I used black ABS plastic. Feel free to experiment. I only advise you to use caution with PLA given the low melting point and the tendency of some gamers to put their collections in vehicles that might be left out in the hot sun. Otherwise, I think just about any material will work wonderfully.Post-PrintingHave funPost printing recommendations: Prime and add your favorite terrain to suit your miniature collection. When do so, SHARE PICTURES! How I Designed ThisI based the size of the base on the Flames of War standard base and added six 20mm holes halfway through the thickness of the material printed to accommodate US pennies. Now I can switch out what my infantry are equipped with for FOW/TY games, or remove individual casualties for other games like Gruntz 15mm or Dirtside II/Stargrunt II; but mostly, I can use my miniatures for skirmish games on penny bases and still have a non-permanent base option. I used DesignSpark Mechanical to create this item. I have the original file format uploaded for those inclined to tweak this to their hearts desire (perhaps for coin and base sizes exceeding or less than 20mm in diameter).

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