WotR Infantry & Cavalry Company bases

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SummaryMainly made for those who play GW's Tolkien licensed "War of the Ring" game. These bases are as per Page 24 of the rule book. Infantry company base can hold eight miniatures with 25mm bases (holes were made 25.5mm in diameter) on a base of 110mm wide by 60mm deep. Cavalry companies can hold two models with 39mm bases (holes made at 40mm in diameter) on a base 90mm across by 50mm deep. Sure, they are made for that game. However, using those sizes as a reference, I'm positive they can be used for any number of wargames that have figures mounted on 25mm or 40mm round bases. Each base is 6mm thick and the holes for the miniatures are a depth of 3mm. I've provided the Solidworks part files for those that have a desire to modify them to suit their gaming needs (want to make them hexagons or squares for example...). Use, abuse, keep this community posted with pictures of these in use on your table! Print SettingsPrinter Brand: LulzBotPrinter: TAZ 5Rafts: YesSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: .200 mmInfill: 20%Notes: Printed with ABS. PLA could work, just don't leave them with your miniatures in a hot car. Play with the settings. You might not need the raft, and might be able to get away with a different infill. Be prepared to lay these flat using your slicer program. Apparently I need to rethink how I design parts in Solidworks to line up with the coordinates on my 3D printer.Post-PrintingIf you use a raft, cut it off and sand the sharp edges off. Prime, and paint like normal. Adding terrain features to match your figure bases is highly encouraged! But then, if you use a cool color to print, just getting the rough edges off is enough.How I Designed ThisStandards based on those laid out on Page 24 of Games Workshop's War of the Ring rules set for their Lord of the Rings miniatures.

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