Printrbot Jr. Bowden Extruder Mount

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SummaryMount to zip-tie an extruder (or whatever you want) to the Y-axis sandwich of a Printrbot Jr. This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online it (I did it with the 0.35mm nozzle at 0.35mm layer height with 0.15 rectilinear fill, but it should be fairly tolerant of various settings) Try to press it onto your Y-axis sandwich as depicted. If the alignment is totally off, your sandwich has really different layer thicknesses than mine (which given all the wood is easily possible). If that's the case, measure the differences and head over to Tinkercad and modify the model. Zip tie the motor to the platform using whichever 2 out of the 3 slots are most convenient for your type of extruder.

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