Pacsafe Coversafe 75 Charging Base/Shim for iPhone 5/5s

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SummaryI backed the Peek case on Kickstarter (, and then while pondering its uses, got thinking about how I could boost the potential duration of time lapse sessions with a booster battery, and how I might feel more secure holding my phone this way while on vacation. This is a shim that fits inside of the Pacsafe Coversafe 75 that will raise the phone so that the camera peeks above pouch, and is also designed to accommodate a lightning-to-microUSB adapter so that you can keep the iPhone charged with a booster battery. The hole for the adapter is tight and should fit the adapter snugly without the need for any adhesive. If it's too snug, file it down a little as necessary. InstructionsThis thing was designed using Autodesk Inventor. The ipt file for it is included for download in case you want to modify it. The booster battery depicted is an Anker® Astro Slim2 4500mAh Ultra-Slim Portable External Battery ( Its physical design is ideal for this purpose, but its behavior is kind of quirky. It begins charging a device when it detects load on its microUSB cable. However, since the lighting-microUSB adapter it an active device, it is connecting the adapter, and not connecting the iPhone, which triggers this logic. What then happens is that since there is no load, the battery will quickly (less than 30 seconds), stop making current available on the charging cable. When you subsequently insert the iPhone, it doesn't charge. To then trigger charging, you then need to kind of feel through the fabric and slightly disconnect and then reconnect the micro-USB cable from the lightning adapter, and that will again trigger the battery's logic and begin charging.

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