Mini Marshmallow Gun & Rifle

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SummaryPrintable parts to Add to plastic pipe to make a Marshmallow shooter Solidworks files found in Zip fileInstructionsPrint either: 1) Mini marshmallow gun(printable) or 2) Mini marshmallow left (printable) Mini marshmallow Right (printable) Mini marshmallow mouthpiece(printable) Acquire: 4 X M3 20mm socket head screws 4 X M3 Locking nuts 1 X 500-250mm 1/2" CPVC Plastic pipe. (This can be found at any hardware store in the plumbing section. CPVC has a small inside diameter than 1/2 PVC better suited for mini marshmallow) Assembly: Bolt Left and right side together towards the front of the plastic. Add mouthpiece to the back. Loading techniques: Refer to picture entitled "How to Load marshmallow Rifle" Ammo: Mini marshmallows Specs: Mini Marshmallow gun: 250mm long barrel Range:45 feet Mini Marshmallow rifle: 500mm long barrel Range:60 feet Infill: Mini marshmallow handle: 3 outside perimeters 3 layer solid 15% infill 0.25mm layer height Mini marshmallow mouthpiece: 3 outside perimeters 3 layer solid 25% infill 0.25mm layer height Warning: This Item is a toy, but adult supervision is required. Do not run with the Mini marshmallow gun in your mouth. Always were proper safety glass while operating this item.

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