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SummaryThis is my 1:1 scale replica of PIXAR's own iconic mascot. It is exactly on model, with reference from PIXAR's own digital data and is built accordingly to the short Luxo Jr. His bulb is vacuum formed polystyrene and he is lit by 4 super brite LEDS and powered by one CR2032 battery. I got the files from Jon @ google sketchup and after splitting up the entire components, converting everything to .STL, I had it 3D printed at Tech Shop. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=c778a6ac6cf0c81d4904d89e9169817bInstructionsI posted an instructable for those interested in a more in depth guide: http://www.instructables.com/id/Luxo-Jr-Revisited/ Head attaches to two neck joints, which then attach to the neck rods. The rod with the pegs at the very end are on top, while the pegs with the one in the middle are on the bottom. These attach to the hip joints, which then attach to the H-Rod and Leg piece. These two pieces attach to the waist joint which then attach to the base. Small springs I got from OSH attach the hip joint to the neck joints and from the H-Rod to the Waist Joint. UPDATE: I have now uploaded the STL file for the lightbulb for 3D printing. However, to get the glossy finish on mine, I instead used a vacuum former.

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