Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume Spikes - LED Halloween


SummaryI was asked for a series of Dinosaur inspired spikes that would be able to house a line of bright LED's and could have variable shapes and sizes. So here they are! These spikes can be added to any shirt or jacket to transform yourself into a freaking dinosaur, more specifically a Stegosaurus, or even a Godzilla! Print them from clear PLA and add LEDs with the base plate. A laser cuttable version was on hackaday: off one of the spikes, and then print off a base, and tuck your LED wire into the slots and line the light itself in between the four guide posts on the base. The base is set to the same size as the spike base and should be glued or welded together with acetone. This looks great with the blue PLA and bright lights. print spikes of different sizes from a clear PLA print a base plate for each string Addressable LED strips through base plates (supplier links below) glue or tape spikes on the base safety pin or sew the spikes in place addressable LEDS that work: sparkfun: bliptronics: adafruit: coolneon:

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