skull and bones 230 mini quadcopter

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SummaryThis was a way cool design, judging by the many Remix's, I'm not alone in thinking that. I wanted one for 5/30 props. So I used Sketchup to make it bigger. It flies like it's on rails. The Quad is so lite, compared to other commercial frames. The smaller frame in the picture is the original size 180. Thanks Ranger2Print SettingsRafts: NoSupports: NoInfill: 50%Notes: The motor mounting area did go a little oval while I was scaling it up. But the alignment of the motor mounting slots were not affected.Post-PrintingWith added FPV gearSomething different. There are 8, 12 Amp blue series ESC's flashed with SimonK firmware. 1 Naze Flight controller, 2 power distribution boards, 4 Y splitters to run each pair of motors (DYS BE1860 2300KV). Swinging 8, Qurnum 5X3 props. The first flight went well, it was a little twitchy on default setting. Dialing it in was easy.

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