Walkera F150 Rodeo Extended Battery Cover

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SummaryThis is a Walkera Rodeo F150 extended battery cover to fit taller batteries. This fits exactly the same way as the original battery cover. The whole cover, front to back, is the same height as the highest part of the original battery cover. If you want to fit taller batteries for extended power or more flight time this is what you will need to get those batteries to fit. Enjoy! I found that when I printed this standing up, do I did not need to use supports, my printer would mess up the print near the top of the cover. It will, well for me at least, print much better and actually take less time if you put it on the table laying horizontally with the top of the cover facing up and use supports. Printing vertically took me about 45 minutes with no supports and 32 minutes horizontally with supports.

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