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Attached is my Button Helper.  Like everyone I tried to do normal things with my hands taped.  I however didn't even make it 5 minutes due to me not being able to unbutton my pants.  I may have nearly wet myself and would have too, if I hadn't ripped the tape off.  No one should endure this.  That is why I created this little thing here to help out. The use is easy.  slip the forked end in under the button with the string from the button pressing against the fork.  use the helper as a lever pulling the button down under and into the button hole.  putting a button on is the same but in reverse. slip the helper into the button hole until the notch is past the button.  use the notch to push the button back in the hole.  The trickiest part is making the entire button through the button hole.  for this move the helper around the outside of the button to push it all the way through.  The design uses levers heavily but only the end needs to be held.

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