Shrieker HS1177 Camera Mount (aka love seat!)

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SummaryI wanted a camera mount for my Shrieker. I printed this one: The problem I had with this model for my quad is that I have a HS1177 with the connector on the bottom so I had to cut out a section to fit the connector. I also wanted more camera angle than this mount allowed. I set out to modify the design but found that with my poor CAD skills it was easier for me to make the design myself from scratch. It's not perfect by a long way but it fits nicely and works great for what I need. Update 08/06/2016 - V2 Update! I suffered a bit with the double sided tape coming loose on both of these designs so I changed it to add small arms that hold the camera to the mount and tape is no longer required! Note that although there is a cut out for the connector it would work just fine for a HS1177 with the top connector too, there is plenty of clearence. Also there is just over 4mm between the back of the mount and the FC/PDB at the bottom of the mount.. I got the inspiration from this design: SettingsPrinter: Wanhao Duplicator i3Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.1-0.15Infill: 100%Notes: Slides straight over the front stand off posts. Can secure down with double sided tape but I found it doesn't really need it. Same with the HS1177.

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