E3D bowden setup for ORD-Bot Hadron (Ordbot)

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SummaryThis is my personal best fit (well currently at least) for mounting an E3D on an Ordbot Hadron. I couldn't find something that i found to be good for me so i just built one myself. A video from the first print is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2TRUi11mMo Some facts that you might want to know: it was built vor E3D V6 but should most probably also fit other version (not yet tested, feedback welcome) it was built using Autodesks Fusion360. F360 file as well es step and iges files are available in the downloads - feel free to modify but please respect the license. Fusion360 is free for startups and enthusiasts - you should give it a try. I am loving heat inserts instead of nut traps, therefore i used them in this setup. The bottom ones are for M4 (4mm) screws, the upper one for M3 (3mm) that's why the whole fit for these heat inserts (got mine from Inserts direct in the UK). The feeder is an MK7 feeder from Robotdigg - i may change this setup soon as i had problems printing Filaflex (flexible Filament) - guess this could be optimized even though it's a bowden setup). The STLs are design with a bit of a gap between parts that stick together. This is true for the clamping part and the stuff that slips into the makerslide. I'd love to hear your feedback and will try to answer questions.

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