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SummaryThis is a quick thing i made to support the christmas gift to my mother :) It enables you to mount an Amazon FireTV to the back of your TV. It uses a vesa 200 mount, so the mounting holes in your TV must have a distance of 200mm hole-to-hole. It's made for the first generation of Amazon Fire TV, not for the newer 4k model. I don't know if this is different in size. I designed it to be easily printable without support, critical overhangs and in one piece. The maximum overhang is 30deg which should work well even on low quality printers. Also i added 1mm tolerance to the inner width for the FireTV so even if you printer is not too accurate that should work well. Let me know if you face any problems.Print SettingsPrinter: Eusthatios V2Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2mmInfill: 40%Notes: I printed this in Colorfabb CF-20, should be printable in nearly every material you like. NOTE: This piece is around 250x250mm big so you need a big enough print plate.

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