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SummaryThis is your basic round button with 2 holes. I created it on and printed one. The print works great including the holes and now the button is on a pair of my pants and living daily life. It's a pretty basic design but functional, I hope it is useful to you guys. Post any makes, I would love to see what your buttons look like!Print SettingsPrinter: XYZ Da Vinci Jr. 1.0Rafts: NoSupports: NoInfill: 15%Notes: You could print it as low as 10% and it would function properly. I printed mine at 15% because I know it is going to take a beating. Not to much post print work needs to be done & it only takes about 10 minutes to print. How I Designed Thishttp://www.tinkercad.comI did the few tutorials and then created this button straight away. I love this web app, it makes 3D modeling for a beginner very, very easy.

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