poKEYball Key Grip


PoKEYball house key to knob adapter and multi object grip can be used to zip-tie most cylindrical objects to for 'knob' style conversion for ease of grip.

 - printer: M3D

— poKEYball.stl - print quality: 200 microns;  - fill density: hollow thick walls- yes supports & no raft

  - wave bonding yes-Print pokeyball with button face down

—Key Insert.stl - print quality: 200 microns- fill density: hollow thick walls - no supports & no raft -wave bonding yes

-- socket insert & piece.stl - use supports & no raft - can be used to ziptie most cylindrical objects and utensils to. -print many of them for interchangeability 

Very little clean-up and i din't need any glue. 

Key insert wiggles right into the slot with determination, if too loose you can put a small bit of paper on top of key. 

Design Files

File Size

5-socket insert.stl
139 KB
6-socket piece.stl
247 KB
286 KB
1-key insert.stl
6.14 KB


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