IKEA Expedit / Lack Apple Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad Mount

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SummaryKudos to areeve20 for providing an excellent design to get my keyboard and trackpad off my desk. I recreated the design to fit IKEA Expedit and Lack shelves so I can hang my other keyboard and trackpad that I use for home theater server. Design is provided with and without screwhole for securing. On Expedit and Lack shelves, it is snug pressure fit, but these will also fit on Kallax system shelves with a screw to secure them. Added a finishing cylinder to the ends of the clip, and a subtle bevel to the edges as a nod to IKEA style.Print SettingsPrinter: FLUX DeltaRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 100Infill: 5-10%Notes: Prints on side, no support/rafts needed. Adjust resolution and infill for aesthetics and strength as needed. With 2-3 shells, not much infill is necessary.Post-PrintingPrint, Finish (as desired), and mount. Use screwhole version with screws for shelves < 51mm thick.How I Designed ThisAutodesk 123D Design

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