E3D V6 Hotend fix for Prusa.

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SummaryE3D V6 Hotend fix for Prusa E3D V6 hotend support for Printer Prusa I3 with bowden. Made for object: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:990595 Instructions: Hotend - 16mm diameter x 3.7mm height base and 12mm diameter x 6mm height neck. Attention: Most hotends have 22mm in the body + cables and screws. I believe you will not have problems until 25mm in the body. If the your hotend is too fat, just add washers between the hotend fix and x-axis system. That is all. You can help me to do more things like this. Buy my designs at pinshape:http://pinshape.com/users/27920-jsirgado The OpenSCAD file is there, you can change all.

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