2X Extruder Upgrade for Raffle Alu-Dual Cooling Block

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SummaryI recently installed one of Carl Raffle's cooling block upgrades (http://shop.raffle.ch/) on my 2X and rather than use a shim I modded rmcniff's very nice extruder. Between Carl's block and rmcniff's extruder I have been able to print PLA on my 2X for the first time ever. Changes from original version: Subtracted 3mm from back of base which aligns feed holes with Carl's block. Added screw mount for bearing. Removed recess for thermal barrier so filament is guided the whole way to cooling block. (I installed barriers flush with top of block). Removed outer spring brace to allow easier access and installation of spring. InstructionsEverything has been run through netfabb and is ready to go. I printed mine in ABS with 2 shells and 50% fill and supports (only for underside of base). Seems good so far. You will need: From original extruders: bearing & shoulder bolt. M4 x 10-12mm flathead or #8 x 3/8 - 1/2" (For bearing) M3 x 5-8mm flathead for attaching base to motor Spring - I used rmcniff's suggestion: http://www.mcmaster.com/#1986k5/=qtpbwl Rather than repeat rmcniff's excellent directions: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:222667/#instructions

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