Wonkey Chest of Drawers

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SummaryInspired by the Dr. Seuss stories and characters, here's my 3d printable version of the classic wonky chest of drawers. As soon as this design was off my printer, my youngest daughter grabbed it and it now contains her jewellery and 'girl' stuff - so i reckon that's as good a use as any! Enjoy! Printed in Ultimaker Blue https://ultimaker.com/en/products/materials and Faberdashery Punk Star Pink http://www.faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/print-materials/punk-star-pink/Print SettingsPrinter Brand: UltimakerPrinter: Ultimaker 2Rafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: lowInfill: 25%Notes: This version was printed with a 0.6mm nozzle at 0.3mm layer height, so its a bit lumpy, but that does give it some character! I would suggest 0.2mm layer height would be fine. The clearance on the drawers should be fine for scaling down to 50% (i will test to check). Two sets of drawers have been included: Wonky_drawers.stl has a panel across the opening to act as support when printing. This can be cut off when finished. Wonky_drawers_2.stl will need slicer supports added.

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