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SummaryI DO NOT encourage the use of small containers for the keeping of fish. However, in temporary situations such as quarantine or if transporting it is a good idea to keep the water flowing and aerated. MAKE SURE THE UNIT IS FULLY SUBMERGED. This is the Nano Tumbler. It is meant to be a truly nano sized filter at 8.5 x9 x2 cm. Extremely small and runs using the same principles as an air powered under-gravel or moving bed filter with a small labyrinth to increase surface area. Simply plug the airline into the side, add a foam mechanical filter and you're done! I also included the file for a bio ball which may be used to allow beneficial bacteria to grow however it does affect the efficiency of the flow and probably isn't needed in the short term. I will hopefully be making a Version 2 later on which will maximize efficiency. HOW TO USE! Step 1: SEAL the front plate and back plate using silicon or hot glue. Optional: Seal the holes directly on top of the unit for a more circular flow and less noisy bubbling. Option 2: Place one bio ball into the top hole and roll it down into the bend, place one into the middle chamber bend and two in the bottom where the filter sponge goes. Option 3: Place loose activated carbon and zeolite behind the foam for better absorption of Ammonia and medications. Depending on situation. Step 2: Insert airline tubing into the side about 2cm. Secure with sealant OR just leave it as is. Step 3: Cut a piece of foam a little larger than the opening making sure there are no large holes. Fairly porous foam works best for flow. Step 4: Submerge the unit entirely. Step 5: Power Air Pump. Your nano unit is now ready!

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