Master Sword "Stone" Stand


SummarySince I have already printed a Master Sword and was looking for a stand, I decided to split the original model and fix the geometry of the original Master Sword (the top bezel around the hole was not centered). The sword recess could have been done better but I didn't want to spend the time on this since it should work. I still need to update the stand and plug so the plug "locks" into the coin bank. I ended up cutting two slots in the bank with my mini files and I added two notches to the plug with my 3d pen (3doodler2.0). This should be fairly simple, I just need to set aside the time for doing this soon. (I will update my "cut" master sword thing with the .x3g file for printing at the scale to match the stands current scale. 05FEB16- Added Revision 3 of the Master Sword stand .stl file (resized much bigger and hollow with 2mm thick walls for faster printing). Also added a coin-bank version of Revision 3 (slot in back and hole/plug on the bottom) 09FEB16- Uploaded Revision 5 which should be the FINAL revision. Rev3 and Rev 4 were not modeled as best they could so I redesigned these yet again with outstanding results! Sketchup was bugging with the Tri-Force geometry in S3D so that required me to run these thru Netfabb for repairs. The results are great and I am printing the coin bank now. I was about to model the Tri-Force symbol separately from the stand and just print the tri-force model in place but decided to check Netfabb basic(I use the client version). For those of you NOT using software, it will save you tons of time and money...I was able to preview the coin bank model and noticed the extra "solid infil layers" that should not have been there, which would have rendered the coin bank AND letter opener portions of this model useless. I also included the .x3g file for the Master Sword (1/2 slice) at the proper scale for the stand and coin bank models...I don't remember if I saved the .stl at the scaled size but I basically placed the master sword slice diagonally across my Duplicator 4 print bed so any Replicator clone printer should print the .s3g fine. Oh and I use ABS so you need to adjust the temp if you are using PLA

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