The Steam Rocket

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The Steam Rocket goes to Mars!

Steampunk inspired rocket. Detailed and very easy to print. You don't need rafts or supports.

It is divided in 5 parts to easily change printer settings, as some parts are more detailed than others. Special attention to 5_antenna, that have a very hard angle and it requires a slower print with at least 0,1mm to 0,12mm layer height.

Very easy to assemble, just follow the numbers from 1 (bottom) to 5 (top), with some glue.

I recommend:

0,25 noozle (so you can print and see all the details)

0,75mm to 1mm wall

0,1 to 0,15 layer height

10mm/s to 30mm/s print speed

For all parts except “5_antenna.stl” that needs a slower print (about 3mm/s to 5mm/s), maybe in some printers it can be useful a raft to hold the print in place.

I hope you have fun with it. If you paint it, show us a pic ;)

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