Minimalist Action Camera Mount (25mm Handlebar)

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Greetings Pinshape Community!

We've designed a super simple, minimalist bicycle handlebar mount designed to fit the GoPro quick release. This model is a 13 - 20 minute print and the product is completed with a piece of double-sided tape and 2 zip-ties.  The double-sided tape and zip-ties ensure the security and stability of your camera. 

This print is quick, easy and requires no supports, brim, or raft making it ideal for beginner makers! 

Simple Slicer Settings

  •   200 or 300 micron layer height
  •   3 perimeters
  •   4 solid top/bottom layers
  •   0% infill (might want to use some infill if your machine cant bridge the top of the part)
  •   No brim, no support, no raft (tested on a glass build-plate, your results may vary on other types of build-plates)

Assembly Instructions

1.  Attach double sided tape to the bottom of the printed camera mount

2.  Peel off other side of tape protector and attach mount to handle bar (print bed surface [flat side] towards the back of your bicycle.

3. Tighten 2 zip-ties around mount and bar, trim off excess zip-tie.

4. Snap on camera and capture the beauty of your ride!

P.S. This model is ideal for batch production. We have successfully printed 27 mounts on a single build plate... can you do better? ;)

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