Mini Plant Space Rocket with Pot

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Bring your little plants into space!  

With this Mini Plant Space Rocket with Pot. 

This Mini Plant-Space-Rocket with Pot from GRAVITYSHAPES is a beautiful decoration and gift. Plant some beautiful flowers and enjoy!

The total height of the Space Rocket is approximately 13 cm.

The Space Rocket is composed of two parts which can be plugged into each other. The bottom part has a little pot. 

Note: Print the bottom (Pot) with 5-6 layers wall, top and floor thickness.

Important: Test before planting, if the pot is waterproof. Depending on the material and printing, the pot may not be waterproof. In this case, the pot can inside coated with a suitable lacquer. Or simple glue a pvc-foil in.

About the Photos: Printed with PLA. We have with a candle manually melted out a hole at the top, so that the plants can grow out. Depending on the material, you can do this also. 

For more printing tips and information about this GRAVITYSHAPES 3D model visit:


If you have no 3D-printer, you can buy a printed copy here:


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