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Easy to print Car model with accessories, inspired by "Mad Max".

Painted in acrylic for better effect.

You can also use other accessories from 3DRacers:

There is also DRIVABLE version of this car that uses Arduino:

Print easily without supports, PLA 0.2 layer suggested.


About Racers

3DRacers is a 3D printed racing game, based on Arduino and controlled with a free smartphone App.


Dynamic models (drivable with the electronics and app): 

DeLorean Covette Muslce Car

Static models (no electronics required): 

DeLorean:  Corvette: Pickup: Car Armageddon:

More dynamic models coming soon, if you have requests go to the Forums

Design Files

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machinegun front.stl
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wheels rear.stl
192 KB
82.9 KB
machinegun top.stl
24.6 KB
machinegun side.stl
81.1 KB
granade launcher.stl
30.4 KB
425 KB
32.3 KB
wheels front.stl
192 KB


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