Ultimate Case Bundle iPhone 6/6S - 5 cases included

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  • Try before you buy, click here: iPhone 6/6s case - NULL
  • Why have the same case every day when you can print one for each day of the week? 6 cases are included in this bundle pack!
  • Super cool and light iPhone 6/6S case collection. Slim, stylish and ready to print! 

Want to buy them separately? Here are the links: 

By purchasing this, you are helping me bring more cool 3D printable designs to life, I am a full time 3D designer and entrepreneur, every little bit helps!!! Thanks in advance :)

This model is accurately measured and modelled on a parametric CAD program using Apple's official specs and guidelines , tolerances and model integrity were taken into account, as any professionally designed product should be. For PLA it fits the iPhone 6/6S out of the printer (FDM). For ABS you may need to adjust for plastic shrinkage (FDM). I am not liable for any harm done to your or someone other´s iPhone.

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