Car mountable Wireless Qi Charging Dock for Galaxy Note 4

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SummaryWireless charging your phone while using it as GPS in your car. (Don't text and drive.) The phone is Galaxy Note 4 with OEM charging back cover - which is slightly thicker than non-charging cover. Two designed as included here. v4 fits snug and v5 allows a bit more relaxed fit. Both are fitted enough to not fall off when driving. This design, uses a common inexpensive Qi charger puck (I'm showing powerbot PB1020 but I also use simiplar looking pucks that look the same on my mounts) This design is meant to be mounted with a 1/4" - 20 bolt (the tripod mount) I'm using 5/8" pan head bolt and RAM Mounts 1 Inch Ball with 1/4-20 Female Thread (part number RAM-B-348U) It holds steady, no vibration. I'm happy with it. The reason picture doesn't match the model exactly is because the print failed due to failed material support in the end but it still worked perfectly. This design works great but is a bit of a pain with supports.

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