Phelps3D Autism-NonVerbal Emotions Wants Aid


This is a simple device to allow Autistic or other Non-Verbal communication between students and adults. It has icons for various mood states, plus tired, hunger, thirsty and toilet. The four holes are to allow you to attach a key chain, lanyard, or even possibly turn it into a necklace. I printed the main part at 10% infill and changed the filament color at 4 mm Z height. The arrow and back slide pieces were printed at 50% infill. 

Design Files

File Size

Phelps3D EmotionsWants Indicator Back Slide.stl
14.3 KB
Phelps3D EmotionsWants Indicator (repaired).stl
1.48 MB
Phelps3D EmotionsWants Indicator Arrow.stl
28.3 KB


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