GoPro Tripod Adapter Mount

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SummaryI remixed these as the nuts were always being pulled out when the GoPro is tripod screw is torqued. These mounts allow use of standard and lock-nuts and the nuts will not slip when tightened. Marked as W.I.P. since I have not tested the STD Nut adapter model as I only have a lock-nut handy. If I can find a standard 1/4-20 nut I will adjust the dimensions in the model to reflect proper sizing (if needed). I've included the .skp files for easier editing/remixing. Depending on your tripod, a longer bolt may be required. Sadly, the bolt on my cheapo tripod is too short but its nothing that can't be fixed with a quick trip to the hardware store (or a parts bin of mine!)Print SettingsPrinter: FFCP, Dup4Rafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesInfill: 20%+

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