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This is a drawing I did of a BrushPicks case that I got a long time ago. Mine was very worn out and needed replacement but I could not find them anywhere. This thing is fantastic little case that I could not stand to part with. So, of course I had to make one myself.

I can provide the FreeCAD file in case anyone is interested in tweaking it. Feel free to do whatever you desire with the design, I claim no ownership.

This is the product I modeled this from. I made a slight change to the locks on the caps to secure them better http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81EoOmkjGHL._SY355_.jpg


I was able to print a functional one at 0.2 layer hight and 0.8 shell with PLA. I had to do 100% infill to make it sturdy given how thin it already is. The parts are a very tight fit so I advise a little sanding before assembly (that was my intent).

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