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SummaryI have a pair of sony MDR-V500 headphones. The sound is still good, and they are comforatable to wear. So comfortable that in the last 10 years the plastic parts on the ends of the band to hold the ear pieces have broken and been repaired with epoxy, nuts & bolts, JB Weld, string, tape, etc. It's about time I print out new ones Updated 2012-07-17: Adjusted the shape based on a fit test. The hanger is less tall, and is slightly wider since the original didn't fit properly over the ear pieces without removing the rubber bumpers. I suspect I will have to refine the arm-end pieces and shrink both them and the toggle eventually. Updated 2012-07-12: I suspect that the original model had a diameter used as a radius by accident. I have corrected that, but now it looks too small. Even if the radius of the outside of the ear-piece is correct, now the connectors look way to beefy in comparison. Maybe I should just go with it and add some personalized decoration... either that or try to slim it down closer in size to the original part. Ok, slimed it down now. Looks better.InstructionsI haven't tested the build yet. My plan was to use ABS and use acetone slurry to weld the two halves of the arm-ends in place with the toggle already there. Just a warning - the arm-end pieces don't quite lie on a flat surface in the STL files. I might have it close in the -all file, as I tried to calculate the angle, but I wouldn't count on it. Cura has a lie-flat command I was planning to use to fix that before I print. Some support will be needed for the ear-piece hanger, and probably the toggle as well.

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