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FDM print. Novel additions to your Lego creations! They come with studs on every side and all sides are buildable, giving you quite a high degree of freedom. This construction toy system is specialized in the creation of movable joints for a robot skeleton. Use these core bricks to build a frame and cover it with Lego bricks to create your action robot!  Watch our stop-motion videos of Lego robot.

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LEGO Arm Mechanical-0.9.STL
27 KB
LEGO Slope 75degree, 2x2x3-0.9.STL
53 KB
LEGO T Bar-0.9.STL
218 KB
LEGO Slope Inverted 45degree 2x2-0.9.STL
91.8 KB
LEGO Technic Brick Modified, Ball -0.9.STL
382 KB
*Core Brick 1x3x1-0.9.STL
244 KB
*Core Brick 2x2x2, Ball-0.9.STL
636 KB
*Core Brick 2x3x2-0.9.STL
576 KB
*Core Brick 2x4x2-0.9.STL
688 KB
*Core Brick 3x4x2, Chest-0.9.STL
872 KB
*Core Joint 2x2, Ball-0.9.STL
552 KB
*Core Brick 2x5x2-0.9.STL
806 KB
*Core Joint 2x2, Ball Receptacle-0.9.STL
620 KB
*Palm 2x2-0.9.STL
307 KB
*Core Joint 2x3x1, Ball Receptacle-0.9.STL
1.26 MB
*Elbow 2x2, T-Bar Container-0.9.STL
267 KB


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