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SummaryThe Echo whistle started as an idea to create the loudest whistle for a 3D Printer and create a more compact survival whistle. This whistle is designed for the person who wants a easy, compact and loud whistle for any situation, ranging from survival to refs. Testing this print i used 3 different filament types, Wood, PLA, ABS all working perfectly. ABS being the strongest survived any tests i ran it though, throwing it down on the ground, running it over and water. With wood filament it was a bit more brittle but still survived all the tests besides being ran over. The last of them being PLA which survived all tests with a minor amount of damage. Below in the downloads are 2 different sizes for you to chose from, one with a lower tone and a higher tone. For the loudest effect, i suggest you cover your ears as i did in the video and blow as hard as you can. Even though the whistle will work with less force than that. I hope you enjoy this print as much as i did!Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge DreamerRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: .25mm layer height for the model but any works.Infill: 15% - 25% you can print higher it may make it feel sturdier but with my experience it doesnt make that much of a differenceNotes: Generally printing this without a raft should work, i have tried this print in PLA, ABS and wood all working fine.Video ExampleMake sure to turn your volume down

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