Spartan Helmet 8 Piece Split

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Spartan Helmet - Divided into 8 pieces for full size wearable printing

This set of files has been broken down into small sections that should allow most printers to accommodate a fully wearable print.

orientation of the parts will be critical to success of printing.  all locating tabs have been designed to allow for minimal supports.

Design Files

File Size

Helmet Bottom Front Left.stl
89 KB
Helmet Top Rear Left.stl
62 KB
Helmet Top Rear Right.stl
62.3 KB
Helmet Bottom Front Right.stl
93.3 KB
Helmet Bottom Rear Left.stl
95.1 KB
Helmet Bottom Rear Right.stl
94.5 KB
Helmet Top Front Left.stl
106 KB
Helmet Top Front Right.stl
102 KB
CollectorCNC license Agreement CC-A-NC-ND.txt
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