Open Hardware 40mm Clip-On Fan Cover


Summary: I wanted both a clip on fan and the Open Hardware symbol, so here it is. Because I could not decide which style I liked more, I made both available


  • Printer: RepRap Prusa i3
  • Rafts: Doesn't Matter
  • Supports: No
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Infill: ~20%
  • Notes: I chose 0.1mm for resolution because i like the look/feel. BUT YOU DO YOU!! It's all about fun anyway, right?

Filament: Proto-Pasta Coffee PLA

Post-Printing: Brims. I used a brim just to keep the inner design in place for my 1st layer, since on my machine it slips sometimes... Regardless if you do, you kinda need to peel/cut/scream at that stuff to get it off for the part to let air move when its in place.


  • Put on fan,
  • ???
  • Be proud of your accomplishment, and rejoice in your support of the Open Hardware movement!

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