Xiaomi 10000 mAh powerbank case for Xiaomi Yi, GoPro and similar

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More about this project: http://vedranpapes.from.hr/essays/2015/10/m3d-3d-...

Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: MID to HIGH Infill: FULL

Notes: As I've printed it on M3D settings are kind of different compared to other 3D printers. But, I've printed it with some cheap PLA at 210C. Set resolution to MID and infill to FULL. M3D software said that it would print for 29h but it printed for more then 48h :D

Post-Printing Step 1. Clean supports Step 2. find M5 screws and nuts Step 3. As nut size isn't good in casing you need to melt that part. Use pliers to keep nut and get it really hot so that you can stick it in case nut compartment. Use epoxy and glue it. Step 4. Use Plasti DipSpray the whole casing with Plasti Dip. First It'll make casing sturdier and more grippy. Second, it'll make GoPro clips slide easier. I've only sprayed one layer on clips and mounts. And 4 layers to the rest of the casing. Step 5. Use 1.5cm M5 screws to screw cover to the case Step 6. You can Plasti Dip the cover as you wish Step 7. Add velcro straps. As my case has velcro holes, you can easily strap this case to your bag or anywhere else :) Step 8. Enjoy :)

Create your own covers, remix, edit whatever you want with this case and share it :) I'd like to see your ideas too! :) Check my post about this project: http://vedranpapes.from.hr/essays/2015/10/m3d-3d-...

More about how I designed it you can read here: http://vedranpapes.from.hr/essays/2015/10/m3d-3d-...

But I've used Tinkercad for most of designing. Thanks to great design of grips from http://vedranpapes.from.hr/essays/2015/10/m3d-3d-... by Thumber that I used for my case.

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