Noble Hero and Elder Hill Troll (18mm scale)

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Summary The Wayfarer Tactics Kickstarter campaign is going to be a success to our amazing backers! We may have met our goal, but we've got two more days to make even more books and models, so be sure and check in and drop us a pledge! "Wielding a sword enchanted in the forges of Asgard, the hero of legend stood against the great brute from the stony hills of Jotunheim." Wayfarer Tactics is a dynamic miniature wargaming system. With these rules, you can use models from your collection to enact skirmishes, large-scale battles, or party-centered dungeon crawls. Based loosely on our Wayfarer multiverse setting, you can stage your battles in worlds of magic-rich high fantasy, far-flung intergalactic scifi, or anything in between. Check out our Kickstarter Video! In addition, we've set up a Patreon page for anyone who's interested to help fund us so we can keep making free and open sourced games like Wayfarer Tactics. Check it out here. Enjoy! Print Settings Rafts: NoSupports: Doesn't MatterResolution: .1Infill: 15% Notes: You'll need to add support for the full models, though the split versions print well and assemble with a little model glue. How I Designed This Designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD.

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