Prusa i3 (rework) X Carriage Adapter for Bulldog Extruder

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Summary Based on the carriage adapter designed by Cyrrus. This version fits the Prusa i3 rework x carriage. Configurable OpenSCAD file included. Instructions Print the final-mount.stl file or customize the adapter.scad file to create a custom version (for different screw lengths or distance between screws). Can be printed without supports. I used 30% infill and 5 perimeters to give it strength. You'll need to fit 4 M3 nuts (nyloc preferably) at the top of the screw holes. I got them in by first placing longs screws through the holes, screwing the nuts a little and then pulling the screws by the head from the back. Optional fan mount and bed probing servo can be found in the original design by Cyrrus.

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