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The model scale will be off, but I scale all my logos to 30mm X and Y. This model can be printed in multiple colours using Cura's Pause At Height plugin. 

NOTE!!! The below Gcode assumes your prints are using Absolute mode to begin with (M82 at the start of your Gcode). NOTE!!! The below Gcode will only work for a Cartesian printer, Delta printers use different movement algorithms Place this gcode at the start of the layer you wish to change filaments for, once the toolhead stops, remove the filament manually and push a new one in, press the button once the colour coming out of the nozzle is the new filament colour. ;TYPE:CUSTOM

M83 ; relative mode

G92 E0 ; zero extruded length

G1 E-5.000000 F6000 ; retract length

G1 Z15 F300 ; raise Z to avoid hitting objects

G1 X100.000000 Y0.000000 F9000 ; move to offset Front Centre of platform (cartesian)

M84 E0 ; disable extruder so it can be unwound

M0 ; wait for input

G1 E5.000000 F6000 ; extrude to prime the nozzle

M82 ; absolute mode


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