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The story:

Please watch this video:

Here is the script from the story:

Multiverse Maker Tron

Our story begins on the planet kwota a short time in the future. Makertron was assigned to an offworld mission when the sun exploded! boom! As the shockwaves from the supernova blast wash over him, all his body parts are blown away. Makertron realizes that all his friends and family living on Kwota are dead. The gamma rays from the explosion have damaged space time itself, allowed makertron to travel through the multiverse..who will he encounter next?

A dimension wave washes over Makertron. He is lost in the turbulence. He manages to grab a propeller as it goes by. He figures he should find a way to hold onto it so he make a simple holder under his neck. He is not sure what the propeller is good for but he knows it will be useful.

The wave continues to suck through the infinite universes. He lands in a desert place. He meets a race of humans smell bad and don’t ever seem to take baths. They don’t use money even though they all have plenty of it and they also burn “the man” every time their tiny blue planet rotates around their sun. These burning people give MakerTron a new head as a gift with a fully functioning goggle sensor package.

Another dimension slash time wave suckes makertron all the way back to world war 2. He does not like all the fighting and killing, but he is able to scan a copy of these sweet half track-tank treads which he likes a lot.

The terminator visites maker tron. Makertron is scared, and gets away, but not before he steals the arms from the T800 model robot. Makertron loves his arms, especially because he can hold stuff like the propeller he found earlier.

A wave comes. Makertron is changed somehow…..oh look! it’s an accessory port! Now makertron can hold stuff on his back without that hacky neck adapter. He also findes...the KRAGLE! he knows this will be useful for repairing failed 3D printed parts.

The next dimension wave leaves makertron a little confused. He meets these shell creatures who spend their entire lives in the sewer just eating pizza.

Nearing the end of his journeys Makertron decides that he needs to copy the drone fad that the humans are so excited about. Finally a usage for that propeller he’s been holding onto the whole time! Finally makertron can maneuver around in the atmosphere with ease. With all his parts complete makertron can live happily ever after.


Steampunk head: print upright, with supports on.

Half track from ww2:

Print with the front of the wheels facing up. Print two of this model, it works for both left and right. If you are having filament issues, or having what I call “fuzzy layers” (usually it’s a partial jam). Print this vertically.

Quad-copter backpack:

Print upside down, with all the connector arm in the air.

Ninja Turtle backpack:

Print with the flat part of the backpack down on the table. There is a slight tilt due to the attachment pin, but this is ok.


print two copies of the "CW_CCW" file, do them in different colors!


color at z-height to make the text stand out


If you dont want to use the neck adapter, you can print the upgraded torso piece here:

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