Bat Belt Pocket - Dawn Of Justice

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Bat Belt - Fan made

All pieces are already aligned to print easily.

This is the pocket of the belt. It's separated for easy print and have holes for assembly. Holes are present to fix on the belt.

We printed the pockets in SemiFlex because we wanted soft but it makes them quite hard to assemble  afterward. The _soft sections are smaller because we have covered them with leather afterward. This is also why the fit between the pieces are loose.


Merged pieces are simplified pieces placed one on top of the other. You'll need to enable the combine feature in your slicer such as "Combine Everything (Type A)" in Cura.


Checkout the other Bat Belt accessories (Buckle, Cylinders, Pockets)

**License is for personal use only. You cannot print these for commercial use. Please contact us for any special request. We can also print these and ship them to you.**

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