Double Fan E3D/MK8 XYZ Da Vinci 1.0

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Summary Double Fan Mk8/E3D Extrusion system replacement for Da Vinci 01 printers. UPDATE 19 jun 15 Improvments on bearing holders UPDATE 01 JUN 15 Added individual files and improve some elements. UPDATE 30/MAY/15 Design completed and tested. Addeed Blower Deflector Added Endstop Update 28/may/15 All files replaced for better performance. Added easy to print.stl file to print all in one on 20x20 printers. Added instructions section. MK8 extruder and E3D Hotend are needed. 2pz. 4x4 5volts fan needed. The original 4 bushings are neded or 4 pz. 15 mm. linear bearings are needed for hardened barrels. Thanks to jeeplvr for the excellent work. Instructions WARNING: The warping effect is very critical in these kind of pieces, any bending, affect the alignment of the bearings and can cause carriage jams. Print all the parts on PLA to prevent warping effect. Printing recomendations: 2 shell thickness. 0.3mm thick layer. 6mm adhesion brim type. Everywhere support type (just for main body stl file) 20% infill. 3mm top / bottom thickness. To use the original bushings, use the bushing holders. 1) Insert the bearings in the bearing guides. 2)Glue the bearing guides to main body with epoxy, before the glue dry, Mount the carriage on the shafts and verifies that run smooth and freely. The idea is that the pieces finish drying with the carriage mounted on the bars, thus, ensure the correct alignment. 3)Let dry for 10 minutes. 4)Continue with the assembly of the other parts. 5)Add on EEPROM, -4.000 value on Z home position to compensate for the change in height of the new hotend. 6)Calibrate your bed. Thats all. print all kind of materials without jams.

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