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Its two baffling puzzles, a race game, a ball, and a safe in one. First, see who can assemble it in the least amount of time. Then once assembled, see if your friends can take it a part. It's almost impossible when you don't know the secret. Unlike most interlocking ball puzzles, this one uses a totally new, unique and unpublished secret to make it work. There is no one key piece. Made of 6 identical interlocking pieces, once assembled, the ball expands or contracts as the 6 interlocking pieces are pulled apart or pushed together. Most puzzlers will quickly see how the pieces fit together to form the ball. The challenge is in the physical dexterity required to orient, position and coordinate all six pieces preciously enough to slide together. Once mastered, it is fun to see how quickly you can assemble the ball. Challenge your friends and family to see who is the fastest. There are (at least) two different solutions for quickly assembling the puzzle.

Once assembled, it is a magic ball with a secret compartment inside that can only be opened by the owner. This moderately difficult puzzle ball is guaranteed to challenge both your physical dexterity and puzzle solving logic.

Children today are losing motor skills from spending too much time on computers and not enough time engaged in a variety in physical activities. Here is a toy for children to play with, improve dexterity and exercise their brains while having fun. Take this toy with you for hours of fun without electricity or internet. Also very good for rehabilitation and regaining lost motor skills.

Fast and easy to print; NO SUPPORT; NO WASTE. Scalable. Prints in about 1 ½ hours on most printers.


Print 6 copies of the supplied file. Choose a variety of colors to create your own unique look. It is scalable, but I recommend using the supplied scaling to start. Use 0.2 mm layer with 25% infill. Material cost is about $1. For a more difficult puzzle (tighter) scale the Z dimension up a few percent; for an easier puzzle (loser fit), scale the Z dimension down a few percent.

I've posted the solution on my YouTube channel. Please don't look unless you've given up and are totally stuck. For a hint see my 3 piece hexagon puzzle; it uses the same secret, but in a simpler 2 dimensional way.

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