MannTron of the MakerTrons

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The MakerTrons are a peaceful race. So they need to be assimilated into the human population of earth. The MakerTrons will be working along side the humans here on earth, so they need a pleasing almost human look. These units were designed to maintain there robot apearance, yet human enough, to not scare their coworkers. These models are called MannTrons. Posted here are a legged unit and a wheeled unit. The wheeled unit is built for speed. You can import each stl file into Blender and they will be all positioned. I use Blender, as my 3D soft ware. 

Design Files

File Size

right arm v3.stl
1.13 MB
right arm v1.stl
2.56 MB
neck pin.stl
6.14 KB
collar v2.stl
2.43 MB
left leg.stl
1.12 MB
left arm v3.stl
1.13 MB
right arm post.stl
6.14 KB
left arm post.stl
6.14 KB
gear housing.stl
2.87 MB
head v3.stl
2.64 MB
head v1.stl
2.68 MB
leg post.stl
6.14 KB
wheel axle.stl
6.14 KB
helmit v1.stl
316 KB
helmit v2.stl
385 KB
369 KB
right leg.stl
1.12 MB
left hand v3.stl
1.43 MB
right hand v3.stl
1.43 MB
head v2.stl
1.79 MB
collar v1.stl
2.46 MB
left arm v1.stl
2.56 MB
left arm v2.stl
3.67 MB
right arm v2.stl
3.67 MB
orig torso.stl
21.7 MB
34.2 MB
wheeled MannTron.stl
35.7 MB


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