A Giraffe figurine- send a hug/kiss in COVID-19

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We cant be together at the moment, so how about sending someone a hug or kiss.

I have now updated that model to give you different sizes. To celebrate valentines day the new heart giraffe ornament has been added I printed it on my Creality Ender 3 Pro using 1.75mm PLA but any material should be able to print this For better results have a smaller layer height and line width, but this will increase the time to print. I used Cura 4.8.0 and I can use others so if you have a problem in slicing this model, contact me and I will try my best to try and fix the problem if you have any problems with the model, please don't hesitate to ask.

I also had a dog groomer share with me there tea cover that stops hair in there drink, they used my model as a topper

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giraffe heart updated-O.obj
4.23 MB
giraffe ornament updated-O.obj
4.22 MB
giraffe heart large updated.stl
14 MB
giraffe heart updated.stl
14 MB
giraffe ornament large updated.stl
13.9 MB
giraffe ornament updated.stl
14 MB


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