WINNERS: Pinshape Low Poly Design Contest!

WINNERS: Pinshape Low Poly Design Contest!

With the end of the Low Poly Design Contest, we’re proud to announce the winners! Thank you everyone who participated, there were a lot of stellar designs entered!

The very best designs of the bunch were the ones that followed all the judging criteria, including proper presentation of the piece (quality pictures, print recommendations, description) and uniqueness (not infringing on copyright, IP, and is a unique design).

There were a couple prize categories, so without further ado, here are your Pinshape winners!


Functional Design Winner

candy dispenser machine tanya wiesner pinshapeDesigner: Tanya Wiesner
Design: Candy Dispenser Machine

Tanya’s candy dispenser was a well engineered piece of work! You can actually feed candy into it and twisting the knob will release a handful of colorful sweets. Plus, printing the top part in clear filament really completes the look. Tanya even made a video demo, as well as a smaller version of the dispenser for smaller printers. 



Second/Third Place Winner

chess set geometric dan steele pinshapeDesigner: Dan Steele
Design: Chess Set Geometric Scaffolds 

To create this chess set, Dan used the same repeating geometric elements in each piece’s design. What is hard is having to design this with the actual play in mind, making sure that each chess piece was distinctive enough to be recognizable as its role. This is not the first chess set that Dan has designed, but it is a great fit for a low-poly design.


  • A high-resolution 3D print of his winning design


chameleonDesigner: J.R. Bédard
Design: Chameleon

JR’s low poly chameleon was created out of his desire to explore the possibilities of semi-transparent filaments. It gives this chameleon design a look that’s true to its name, since the filament will allow background colors to come through. What’s even better is that this little guy’s legs are designed to rest on a computer monitor, flat screen TV, or a flat surface with an edge! JR also lists the required slicer settings for you to achieve this semi-transparent effect at home. 


  • A high-resolution 3D print of his winning design


First Place Winner

low poly phoenixDesigner: Dr.Zeus
Design: Low Poly Phoenix

The post-processing of this phoenix is impressive, showing how important it can be to touch up your prints afterwards. This design is also separated into three files, in which you have to print the wings file twice, and then the base and the body. Some assembly required, but makes this a great looking 3D printed art piece! Dr.Zeus was inspired by the Chinese Philosophy class he has been taking, and 3D printing allowed what previously only existed in myths and fables to come alive for him. 




Congratulations to all the winners! 

Feel free to check out the rest of the entries in the contest to find a great low poly print!

A note for the Judge’s Choice prize: the Judge’s Choice prize was restricted to residents of India only due to prize agreements at the start of this contest, which was originally meant to be only for Indian designers. The winner has been contacted. 


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