Uprising Winner – Free 3D printing of Canadian Ikea Monkey

Uprising Winner – Free 3D printing of Canadian Ikea Monkey

We’re happy to say that last week we completed the first round of Uprising, our weekly contest where you can submit an idea for a product you’d like to see become 3D printed, the community votes, a winner is declared and we turn it into a real product! For our first week, the winner that you, the pinshape community, chose, was the Canadian IKEA Monkey. uprising Canadian IKEA Monkey 3D printing pinshape We tracked down the man behind this idea, Elijah Murray, and asked him why he thought this was a great choice for uprising.

elijah - uprising 3D printing

 I’ve always loved monkeys. Who doesn’t? When I heard about the shearling coat-wearing rhesus that traipsed into an Ikea, everything about the video screamed comedy! Nothing would be cooler than to have a 3D print to memorialize that little guy”, says Murray. When asked what he thought of 3D printing, he had this to say; “I’ve been fascinated with 3D printing since the beginning. What starts with hobbyists ends up leading to where will soon be–a world where 3D printing affects the vast majority of all manufacturing. Just like personal computing lowered the barriers to entry into business and application development, 3D printing will explode into a world of people designing and building physical products.”


We’ve completed the sculpt of the IKEA money and it can now be found at https://pinshape.com/items/419-3d-printed-uprising-winner-the-canadian-ikea-monkey.


Want your idea to be the next one we turn into a printable model? Head over to pinshape.com/uprising now to submit your idea and vote for the best. It could be your time to win a free 3D printing!   


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